Why an Engineering and Design Department that specialises in Refrigeration?

- To help you to obtain an installation that will meet your goals regarding performance, quality and budget, all the while maintaining the necessary standards and regulations.
- Liaison between the site, suppliers, reducing the need for overtime.
- Oversee installation and start-up.
- Optimise security concerns, energy consumption; in short, all your specific needs.

- Design and implement an installation that best meets your needs in terms of performance, quality, cost-effectiveness and budget.
- Advise on the refurbishment/overhaul of existing equipment and materials.
- Interface with subcontractors.
- Furnish detailed specifications that can be used as an invitation to tender, not only in refrigeration but also in dealing with subcontractors.
- Provide the most appropriate and competitive suppliers for your project by analysing their proposals.
- Oversee the entire project.
- Intervene on your behalf with regards to any concerns you may have during the actual process.

Our team has all the necessary expertise regarding current regulations, and up-to-date technical knowledge.
Cutting edge information technology systems to:
Calculate refrigeration and energy needs
Simulate various types of functioning (daytime/night time, summer/winter)
Design different types of installations/systems

We can therefore provide you with precise specifications and designs for tender. In the field we can supervise and assure that the work conforms to what has been established in the contract. We will check the functioning and performance levels at start-up time.